On first week of August, Wuhu Meibo Import and Export Co., Ltd., was held "MBO 2021 Summary and 2022 Cold Year Opening Conference", the meeting comprehensively summarized the 2021 year business data and refining for the past year, including cold year turnover compared with the previous year growth of 86%, exceed 350 million RMB/350K sets (Performance), the global market from 51 to 77 (Market), our products ‘range were enlarged from wall mounted type only to become wall mounted, portable, floor standing, light commercial all in readiness, it is greatly enhanced MBO’s market competitiveness.


Overseas Company General Manager Mr. Sail Zhang said: the remarkable overseas achievements are the result of the concerted efforts of all colleagues. MBO overseas market has grown from zero, from unknown to the corresponding market position, which is the result of our unremitting faith and diligent pioneering spirit. At the same time, the general manager Sail Zhang said: ‘MBO overseas company into the 3rd cold year, while we affirm the achievements that we should also need to improve the deficiencies. Under the influence of raw material cost increase, exchange rate fluctuation, epidemic sustained, sea freight cost rocket up, the key point is to balance the problem between cost and quality, and the contradiction between team building and talent demand. We must insist for the principle: quality is above all else and ensure the construction of talent in team development. Under the background of “cost reduction to survival” today, we must insist the bottom line of be a conscience air conditioning enterprise. In the work, we should improve service and support customers growth as the marketing goal, and focus on MBO brand development and strategic partners’ win-win.



Overseas Asia-Europe region director Joe Xu expressed in speech process in these two years in the work, the experienced air conditioning sales expert confidence in company's future development, and share success experience "diligence, learning" to overseas sales colleagues, Joe Xu confidence for future of commercial air conditioner market, and said it will breakthrough toward 10 million sales target at first year.




Overseas R&D technical director Charles Zhang summarized product planning and regional product market feedback. Especially reported for Eastern EU and North America market new product line and Middle East market category product research. and expounds the current market environment products on the basis of “ Pragmatic” under the precondition of fully meet the market demand, give full play to the advantages of overseas R&D and sales team, quickly respond to clients’ need.


Overseas Asian American region director Bruce Liu said huge influence because epidemic this year for his region, the influence of Southeast Asia's main market city lockdown for long time it cause the client unsalable, some customer unsalable situation more than 6 months, but department did not because of the difficulty for negative, oppositely, they breakthrough Americans and other emerging markets, the overall data has slight increase compare with last year.


In the Meeting, also conducted 2021 cold years department commendation, Eastern Europe won the 2021 annual sales champion by order quantity, turnover and collected payment, then the runner-up and third place respectively in South Asia & Africa department and ocean pacific &Asia department too, as the first single national market breakthrough and 100000 sets is just the beginning of this year, Sam Wu said thanks to the group supports, In the future, will continuously break through the data, fully schedule on the accurate time, rapid react to the market.


Subsequently, the leader of the Middle East department and the US and Australia department  who won the market breakthrough award gave summery and planning of 2022 cold year, and R&D department and technology department leaders made speeches and planning on the development progress and product improvement. The last, the general affairs department leader also summarized and work requirement of new cold year.



2022 Cold year for MBO overseas team is very important. After two years efforts, MBO's products can basically cover more than 90% of the global residential air conditioner market demand, Meanwhile, MBO has also started some market trials with well-known Japan, America and Europe brands. At present, under the "Quality Strategy" put forward by the MBO Group, all the overseas staff can go all out to develop the market and refine the data. Both R&D and sales, improve customer quality and optimize products comprehensively in the work. Finally, Mr. Sail Zhang gave three suggestions and requirements to the heads of each department:

Firstly, we should improve the running operation quality, avoid to castle in the air;

Secondly, we have to pay attention to customer quality and resource utilization;

Thirdly, we should pay attention to risk prediction and improve ability to resist it;



At the last stage of this meeting, the overseas team planned new target for the new cold year, aiming to achieve the goal of overseas sales accounting more than 30% of the group in 2022 cold year, the export market exceeding 80, the customer loss rate controlled within 5%, the number of key customers accounting for over 35%,and the share of own brands increasing to 8%.. With the combination of quality, product and efficiency, precise positioning of product advantages and deeply and steadfastly develop the market, to fight the new battle of 2022 cold year.